In the past year, I have really gotten into makeup and taking care of my skin. It sounds silly, but I hardly wore makeup in high school. Now that I'm older, I tend to wear it more often. I suppose it's because it makes me look older, or it is just fun to play around with!

In terms of my skin,  I want to preserve its beauty for years to come. I suffer from rosacea, which has really dried out my cheeks. I have started to care for my skin more and more because of my rosacea; my routine includes moisturizing and using wipes.

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Lorac Lip Pen: These are incredible! I can't brag enough about how much I love these pens. They leave little to no stain on glasses, are long lasting, and the colors are divine. Definitely a quality buy.


Stila Smudge Stick: this pen is awesome. I had been searching high and low for a quality eyeliner and I found it in the Stila Smudge Stick. It is easy to apply, and the black (stingray) really stands out on your waterline. 


Bobbi Brown Cream Eye Shadow:I'm one of those cream eye shadow converts, so I hardly even use powder eye shadow anymore. I love the color that this Bobbi Brown cream brings, the rich tones it offers, and its easy application. It literally takes me a minute to do my eyeshadow, and it lasts such a long time! My favorite shade from them is Beachy Honey.  

Benefit "They're Real" Mascara: I got a tester of this mascara from my mom and I'm sold. I really enjoy how it makes my eyelashes look longer, and how bold the black is. They're Real is also long lasting, so more bang for your buck. 

Philosophy Makeup Wipes: I think all of us can agree that smooth, clean skin is nice to have. I've been fortunate to have relatively healthy skin, but taking care of my skin is still a huge priority. To remove my makeup, as well as clean off the dirt from the day, I use Philosophy's makeup wipes. They work really well and take off my makeup almost instantly. Plus, they smell nice. So I encourage you to check them out if you're browsing for a new cleanser/makeup remover. 


The Body Shop Night CreamFollowing my wipes, I use a nourishing night cream from The Body Shop. The Moisturizer helps nourish and revitalize your skin. I suggest The Body Shop because they use good vitamins and a relatively affordable!