These days, it seems that we are all attached to our various gadgets. Whether it is your iPhone, your iPad, or your dare I say, Android, we love to fiddle around with technology. I have different types of gadgets that I use, ones that stretch beyond my phone and laptop (Apple, ftw). I've listed some of my favorites on this specific section of The Z List. 

Products are linked by title. If you have questions, please ask me via email or comment below! 



Nespresso InissiaI love this machine. It is one of the more affordable Nespresso machines, and it has certainly helped curb my Starbucks addiction. You can make cappuccinos, lattes, basically whatever you want. The only problem is that you have to buy Nespresso cartridges. You can find them at or Macy's.  




FitBit OneI totally saw the benefits of a Fitbit when my roomie and good friend Laura got one. The FB has helped me with my fitness and encouraged me to exercise. This clips on to a t shirt, but you can get it as a watch. You track your steps via an app on your smartphone.  


BL Portable Speakers Flip: These speakers are really awesome! The sound comes out so crisp and loud. They're awesome for parties or a night of soaking in your bathtub.