Our 2016 Christmas Card

Merry Christmas my friends!

This year has been filled with many ups and downs. Though it seems like most of us have been lying in the valley, I am hoping that 2017 is filled with many mountaintops. 

Christmas is a special time to spend with family and rejoice in the birth of a little babe who transformed the world. Presence is the greatest present we can give. I am sharing our 2016 Holiday/New Year card, taken by the amazing Natalie Schram. If you're in NC or the Southeast, I HIGHLY recommend her. She makes taking pictures fun and effortless. 



We're closing out Christmas with our beloved family, a fire, and some wine. I hope you have had a day filled with peace. For those who find the holidays excruciating, know that I think of you and pray that you will see glimpses of love and joy.

All my love,

Nip+Fab Products

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Nip+Fab Skin Line.

Hi loves,

I hope you had the most marvelous Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for each of my faithful readers! Y'all bring me so much happiness and joy! 

I have the exciting opportunity to talk to you about a new favorite of mine: Nip+Fab skin care products! My mom always told me to take good care of my skin. I have really dry and sensitive skin, so it is often hard to find products that are complimentary.

I also use the Glycolic Fix Night Pads. I use them on my face each and every night. It takes away any dirt that my skin accumulated from the day. I use the Dragon Plumping Serum every morning. It gives my skin a nice and clean look, and also serves as a great moisturizer! The Serum totally helps my uber dry skin. 

Like I said earlier, the Dragon Mask is my absolute favorite Nip+Fab product (though it is hard to pick a favorite!). I use it twice a week. I put it on right before I go to bed, and leave it on all night. 

When I wake up, my skin feels fresh and rejuvenated. 


Nip+Fab can be found at Ulta, Target, ASOS, and other places. Just google it and you will find it!

It is affordable and high quality, something that is so hard to find these days.

Hope y'all try these products!


Watermelon Margarita

Margaritas are totally my summer drink of choice. Refreshing, easy...they are a no brainer when it comes to summer cocktails!

This one is a super fun and easy recipe. Watermelon is already refreshing, but add some tequila and woohoo! 

Watermelon Margarita Recipe:

Taking 1/3 watermelon

Blend in a blender till you get watermelon juice

Add 1/2 cup sparkling water to blender

Add 1/2 tablespoon of simple syrup

1 Cup of Lime

Blend again

Add slice of lime and rim the glass



The One with the Orange Kimono

Today embarks the beginning of grad festivities. All of my immediate family has flown in (sans my adorable niece and her momma) and also my auntie/godmom. I am waiting on my absolute best friend, but she is coming tomorrow evening!

You never know what NC weather will throw at you. Yesterday it stormed frantically, and the roads were flooded. Today it was 82, but absolutely stunning. 

I am obsessed with crop tops and skirts (Thanks, T Swift!). They are the perfect combination for date nights or fun summer days.  

I added my cheetah print vans and my new kimono. I adore the color and am glad I can transition it into my fall wardrobe. 

I love these "vans." They are from J. Crew, and I wear them all the time!

I am so glad my family has arrived! I adore them and am glad they are here to celebrate my collegiate accomplishments. 

Tassels and Tunics

Today was my first full day in DC! To recap you on the craziness that is my life, I finished college this week. Our school has a week break between classes ending and commencement, so I roadtripped to DC with some of my friends. 

We got in last night and rewarded ourselves with some margs! If you are near DuPont Circle, go to Mission DuPont! 

We did lots of walking today (close to 7 miles) and had amazing food. We started off the day at Ted's Bulletin, which is famous for its homemade pop tarts. 

We got the strawberry flavored one! It was yummy, but a bit too sweet to start the morning off with. 

We got the strawberry flavored one! It was yummy, but a bit too sweet to start the morning off with. 

I absolutely love to explore and wander, so today was perfect for that! We went to Eastern Market, and Chinatown. If you like books, check out the bookstore Capital Hill Books. It is in an old house, is covered with books, and has great prices!


I am not a jeans person, but I do love these ripped jeans. They are comfy and good for a street style look.

I absolutely love this tunic/shirt. The pompoms/tassels are so cute and the little V shows the perfect amount of cleavage. My orange bag is a staple because it holds everything and is a good pop of color!

Comment below with your D.C. suggestions!