Nip+Fab Products

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Nip+Fab Skin Line.

Hi loves,

I hope you had the most marvelous Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for each of my faithful readers! Y'all bring me so much happiness and joy! 

I have the exciting opportunity to talk to you about a new favorite of mine: Nip+Fab skin care products! My mom always told me to take good care of my skin. I have really dry and sensitive skin, so it is often hard to find products that are complimentary.

I also use the Glycolic Fix Night Pads. I use them on my face each and every night. It takes away any dirt that my skin accumulated from the day. I use the Dragon Plumping Serum every morning. It gives my skin a nice and clean look, and also serves as a great moisturizer! The Serum totally helps my uber dry skin. 

Like I said earlier, the Dragon Mask is my absolute favorite Nip+Fab product (though it is hard to pick a favorite!). I use it twice a week. I put it on right before I go to bed, and leave it on all night. 

When I wake up, my skin feels fresh and rejuvenated. 


Nip+Fab can be found at Ulta, Target, ASOS, and other places. Just google it and you will find it!

It is affordable and high quality, something that is so hard to find these days.

Hope y'all try these products!


Top 10 Tuesday

Another Tuesday another top 10!

I am in the midst of one of the more stressful weeks of the semester! I know that I can push through this, because history has taught me that I can, but sometimes stress and school work can be so daunting. I am thankful that school is my main stress though, because the fact that I am allowed to go to school is a privilege that some in this world are not afforded. 

Side note: November 3rd is like 5 of my good friends birthdays! Happiest of birthdays to Alex, Frances, Ivory, Cathy, and Taylor! Thank you for being in my life and making me better. I appreciate and love each of you so very very much!

So without further ado, here is my top 10!

1) Together Take Heart. Wow. One of my best friends, Taylor, is starting this T Shirt company. It has an incredible message, and all proceeds go to the A21 Campaign. Check the brand out here

2) Starbucks Red Cups! Tis the season!

3) Butter London Lip Gloss. Oh wow I am obsessed with this brand! Best colors, and makes your lips feel so magical. 

4) QB in Downtown Winston. This is a must visit for my friends who call Winston home. Also, half priced bottles of wine on Mondays. That is whats up! 

5) Just ordered my first shipment of Juice+  from one of my dear friends Alex and the smoothies arrived today! I am so excited. Can't wait to blog about this with more detail in the coming weeks!

6) The new locket collection from The Giving Keys....I am seriously in love!!

7) This hummus brand. It is divine. I like the roasted red pepper flavor! 

8) Is there anything that Alessia Cara can't sing? I love this song. 

9) May have just ordered these.. 

10) Tis the season for... FUR and warm sweaters! My shots with Natalie just came in and I'm in love. I will be posting more, but for now take a quick look at these three. Seriously go check this girl out, she is AMAZING.