Tuesday's Top 10


Happy Tuesday!

In one week I will be sitting with my TWO pups and my momma! I cannot wait. I love the holidays, and am so grateful I am able to spend them with the ones I love most.

1) I have been using Aragan/ Moroccan oil to combat the static in my hair! It is a lifesaver. You can find the products here. 

2) Turtleneck dresses. So. Much. Yes. As the weather gets colder, this turtleneck sweater dress looks like a great option. 

3). Hot pink adds a pop to any outfit. Try these earrings or incorporate a scarf! (See my photo)

4) The Biebs and One Direction. Two great albums. Yes. 

5) I found these two blogs this week and I am obsessed. Check out FallonEliza and ChampagneLifestyle! Both these blogs are fun, cute, positive, and all around awesome!

6) Holy. Pink. This J Crew Coat is DIVINE! It is a tad out of my price range, so I found a cheaper solution down below! 

7) Absolutely loving this Ted talk. Gratitude=happiness. 

8) Looking forward to reading this on my journey home! 

9) Over the knee boots. Just yes! 

10) The app AfterLight. I love the filters, and the edits you can make with your photos!



Click to pictures to see more information!

Check back on Thursday for a "how to" pack for a trip!


Top 10 Tuesday

Hello hello hello!


I haven't blogged in 6 days (gasp) and for that I apologize. Life definitely has its busy season, and I am in the midst of mine. Though, saying you're busy because of school is a much bigger blessing than a burden. There are much worse things that could be happening, and a 10 page paper is not one of them. 

I am PUMPED about this week's top 10. I have some good things on this list, and I am excited to share them with you!

Top 10 font.jpg

1) Krankie's Airstream. Krankie's Coffee is a Winston Salem staple. Their Airstream trailer is the drive thru (or walk up) branch of the same shop that is in downtown Winston. To get to the Airstream, take Reynolda Road all the way down. It is right before you hit the Children's Home, and about .2 miles away from Northwest Blvd.

2) Butter London Lip Gloss-Hot Toddy. This color is my JAM. You can pick up Butter London here

3) Tis the season for AZIZ's latest stuff. I am loving Master of None!

4) Really digging this Tailored Tee. 

5) We all need some happiness in our lives. This tea is great for that! 

6) Quilted tights. They keep my legs super warm, and they're super cute. I got my pair from Bevello, but I found a similar pair online. 

7) I met Molly through my friend Katita. Her blog is super fun and spunky and all things great. Make sure you visit Molly on the Move!!

8) Wake's soccer team is in the ACC semifinals. I brought my little nugget, Davis, to the last game and he loved it! 

9) One Direction is really pulling at my heart strings and I am loving it. I can't wait for the rest of the album to come out!

10) The nonprofit I worked for is doing big things. Check them out here.

Many more exciting things to come on the Z List! Remember to keep checking out the site and follow me on all my socials for more info! 

Lots of love,


Top 10 Tuesday

We have had such a cold day. It has been bleary, wet, and freezing! Definitely not happy weather, but cheers to snuggling on the couch and cocoa!

1) This parka. This is definitely one of my favorite additions for the fall/winter and is SO warm! Here is a link to a similar product


2) The Notorious RBG. Mom, early Christmas present? 

3) Try this cocktail for your holiday parties! 

4) I just ordered two of these turtlenecks. So excited to wear them! 

5) This candle is amazing. Such a warm smell and its so pretty! (Note: I get it in Prosecco Rose)

6) Sorry, not sorry. 

7) Go check out my friend Taylor's blog! She is so fun, stylish, and fab!

8) Mr. G + Hotline Bling. Need I say more?

9) OK, I am also obsessed with this jam! 

10) The new Giving Keys line. Just yes! 

That is it for this Tuesday! Hope you all had a marvelous day! 

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