A New Chapter

Hi my loves,

I cannot believe I have neglected my blog for almost four straight months. Truthfully, I didn't blog for so long because I had lost my vision and my sense of what The Z List really is. I am regaining my footing in the blogging world, though I will not make empty promises of blogging at least three times a week. I am pressing the re-start on the blog, and on my career. 

I have always had big dreams to enter the political world, and as a certain group likes to say, shatter some glass ceilings. I can remember staring at the TV during the George W. Bush election of 2000. I stayed up so late to watch FLORIDA (hanging chads anyone?) be counted...and I was a fresh four years old. I breathe, sleep, and eat politics. I'm a media-holic, which has both its good and bad sides. I've always loved politics, but I've loved them from the side lines. 

The past few months have been an unending existential crises' (if you can even have those at 22). I was comfortable in my job, but it wasn't what I wanted to do forever.  And then one day a few weeks ago, an out of this world opportunity fell into my lap. So what did I do about it? I thought about it, pondered it, cried about it, slept on it, and acted on it. I quit my comfortable 9-5 job and went out on a limb because the taste of pursuing my dream is far greater than any trepidation I faced. I've realized that I don't take enough risks and that I have lived for far too long in comfort. I now work with an incredible team of people who I kid you not were miraculously brought together. We have a core group of women and men who truly believe in doing what is right and what is just. We are fighting for a country that will not be better just for ourselves, but for the generations of Americans that are to come. We all talk about the American Dream of white picket fences and financial successes, but in all honesty, we each dream differently. My dreams and passions make me tick, and they make me put my feet on the ground each and every day. 

So what exactly do I do? I fundraise, I plan events, I run my candidates schedule, and much much more. There is no full description to what I do, but I can tell you that I wake up every day with an excitement I have not felt before. I know I haven't been outside of college for an entire year, but right now I'm satisfied beyond belief, and that is a powerful thing.

If you would like to learn more about my candidate, visit www.ddadamsforcongress.com. For professional inquiries, you may reach me at scheduler@ddadamsforcongress.com.

Now that I don't work the 9-5, I look forward to pouring my extra time into this blog. I love y'all, and I have missed you! 

Thank you for letting me blabber! It means more than I can ever express.