22 things I have learned in life

Today I turned 22. To be honest, it feels so surreal. Not that 22 is any landmark, but any year you get turns into a landmark. 

In honor of my 22nd birthday, I decided to pen 22 things that I have learned thus far:

1) Life is not meant to be lived in a binary...you are colorfil and be prideful in that!

2) Call your loved one every day and tell them you love them, because life is short and time is precious

3) Don't sweat the small things

4) You can't plan everything--and that is OKAY

5) Life is short, so buy that pair of shoes

6) People will wrong you

7) And you will wrong others

8) Vulnerability is scary, but it is beautiful

9) You can't fix someone. I learned this the hard way. 

10) Little black dresses are always the perfect outfit

11) Everyone brings something different to the table. Embrace difference. 

12) There will be days when you feel alone, but remember that you are never alone

13) Heartbreak is the rawest and realest experience of your life, but I promise it does get better

14) You won't be friends with everyone, and guess what...you don't have to be! The beautiful thing about life is that we get to choose. People are created differently, and this means that you won't get along with everyone.

15) You have no idea the shoes someone is walking in...don't try to assume that you do.

16) Sometimes the littlest actions can make the biggest dent in someone's life. You can be someone's lifeboat, ladder, and lamp. 

17) Don't settle. It will be easy to settle, but you deserve to get what you want. Along these lines...love what you do and do what you love!

18) Crying doesn't make you weak. Being in tuned with your emotions is a beautiful and radical and totally normal thing

19) Wake up every morning and say thank you. Whether it is to God, your soul or whatever power you believe in. The power of gratitude is overwhelming and it has the potential to shape your entire day and life.

20) Treat yourself. We run at high speed and velocity, and sometimes we forget that we need space to breathe. So get the latte, watch reality TV, take a bath...be kind to yourself.

21) You won't ever have it all figured out. Nobody fully knows how to do this thing called life, and that is okay.

22) Love yourself, and you will figure out the rest.