Tuesday Top Five

Its baaaack! 

I have missed doing these. Today I am only doing a top five, because honestly I can't think of ten top things right now.

 I am super  excited to start them back up again, especially now that summer is just around the corner!

1) I read the most amazing book this week called Grace (Eventually) by Ann Lamott. I am a spiritual person but I struggle with church. I find the beauty of God in nature, in His people, in speaking to Him and in the cross. The quote at the end hit me hard, because truly God does not discriminate and He is all around us. Thankful to be loved by Him and given grace through His son. 

2) Rocksbox. This company is so great!

3) This link about spring cocktail recipes. ALL ABOUT THIS!

4) The Lumineers album. HOLY GRACIOUS. It is so dang good!

5) Mary's Gourmet Diner (Breakfast of Course!): This only applies to Winston friends, but it is so good. I've been going fairly frequently for the past three years and it is so worth the hype. Everything is good.

That is it for this Tuesday!