Cozy Sundays

So I am currently home right now and it is 20 degrees colder here than it is in NC. Funny how that works! I miss the sunshine but I am happy to be home with family. 

I'm working on balancing life right now. I am hoping that this short break will be a good reset, but don't worry I am not planning on being absent. 

I feel like there is this misconception that I am always dolled up or dressed to the nines. While I love to dress up, I think I am casual-chic 4/7 days.

What does my casual chic entail?

Usually I wear leather leggings or 50/50 pants, a soft shirt, and a sweater. If I'm feeling adventurous, I will add a long necklace. I also love to wear hoops! 

This top is such an essential in my closet! 

Best part of being home? The coffee. 

Note: this shirt is see I try and wear a bandeau with it. Sometimes I forget, today was one of those days!

Also, I just got a new rockin' lip color from Urban Decay. It is called Rapture and can be found here!