Game Day!

With March almost here, and that means March Madness.

I am a HUGE sports fan! Growing up in a household full of men, not liking sports wasn't an option. My brother is an incredible basketball player, so I was one of those kids who lived in the bleachers.

Both of my brothers went to UCLA, and as a result I am a huge Bruins fan. When I was choosing schools, I really wanted a strong sports program. Though Wake isn't the best at sports, we do play in the ACC! 

We aren't going to the tourney this year, but I was asked to style a look that I would wear to a March Madness game. 

Our colors are black and gold, which are pretty easy to wear. Pro tip: always wear your school's colors. 

I don't really wear T-shirts. For a game I usually wear a crop top and leggings or a fun dress. Basketball games can actually get really hot so I like to wear something that is temperature flexible! 

This dress is so comfy, and the colors are perfect for Wake. I paired it with fun earrings, my swing jacket, and over the knee boots! Sexy and fun all at the same time!

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I have linked products or similar styles below. 

Happy Saturday, babes!