Pops of Pink!

Happy Valentines Day, lovers!

I have a love-hate relationship with Valentines Day. I think that it is the most commercialized holiday, and solely exists so that companies like Hallmark can make more money.

However, I do love the color pink and I like seeing people celebrate being in love. 

Anyway, enough about V-day. It has been wicked cold lately (I'm talking low double digits with wind chill). I think we are supposed to get snow tomorrow (yay, nay?) and we will hopefully get school cancelled. 

I love love this top and I risked the cold to show y'all the details. I also love adding tiny color details either through earrings or lip color. This lip color is DIVINE. It is by Urban Decay and it is called Berry Blush (matte). 

Hope you have had the most magical weekend! I have linked the products that I am wearing below. Note: the Cambridge Satchel was not available in blush pink. Womps :(