Life Update Round Two + LOLA Products!


I know it has been radio silence over here. Life has been hectic and crazy, and surprisingly it is harder to run a blog as a young professional than as a student. Even when life was filled with papers and exams, I still found time to blog. Coming back to this blog was quite challenging for me. Don't get me wrong, I love to write and I love my readers! Finding time to actually put together good content was the tricky part.

Now that I have properly adjusted to working life, I am so happy to be back to my blogging days! I plan on blogging Monday's, Wednesdays, and Friday's...with some Tuesday's mixed in. 

I have had the amazing opportunity to partner with some killer brands, including the one I am featuring today. Finding good, quality feminine products has always been an endeavor. I suffer from horrible periods, and it is impossible to find good tampons (Sorry if that is TMI!)

I was asked to partner with LOLA and I said immediately said yes! First, I love that their products are organic, and allergen free. They are also the perfect size to put in your purse/bag. I also love that they deliver--HELLO CONVENIENCE! Most importantly, I love what LOLA stands for. It is a company that believes in the empowerment of women. The women who work for LOLA are 100% committed to women. They are a company created for and run by women--because hey, girls run the world! 


Ps: The adorable cosmetic bag is by Stephanie Johnson. I love her products! You can find them here.