Tips and Tricks for Music Festivals


This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to visit Atlanta and attend the music festival, Music Midtown. The headliners were Sam Smith, Van Halen, Drake, and Elton John, and other acts included Kodaline, Hozier, Hall and Oats, Icona Pop, Alessia Cara, etc!

I traveled to Atlanta with my friend Peyton, and my sorority big sister Laura hosted us! It was so fun to be with my ladies, experience a new city, and hear amazing music.

I wrote some tips and tricks I found useful. Though music festival season is almost over, these tips probably work for any concert!

1) Drink lots of water before, during, and after. 

Odds are you're going to be standing for a while, so fuel up. Music Midtown allowed us to bring one unopened water bottle in. I brought Smart Waters, though plenty of water bottle brands make big bottles. Most venues have refilling sessions, so use those.

2) Bring gum. I am a big proponent of gum, especially because it helps fight dry mouth. If you're like me or my ladies and know every Drake lyric, your mouth is going to dry up real fast. So I brought a pack of gum with me each day to stop dry mouth.

3) Skip the heels. Y'all know I love me some heeled booties, but these are not the move. Instead, try and wear converses or Vans. Your feet will thank you!

4) Bring a portable phone charger, or put  your phone on Airplane mode. When you have 20,000 people all trying to access their Snapchats, timelines, or texts, your phone just isn't going to work. If you really want to use your phone for pictures, bring a portable charger. Other than that, I would suggest putting it on airplane mode! 

5) Bring a towel, if you want to be chill. On Saturday, we were pretty exhausted. We elected to bring a towel and just plop down on a hill. 

6) Bandaids, extra cash, Advil, and chapstick: I packed my purse with Advil, bandaids, lip gloss, and no cash, because I left my wallet in Winston. Thank God for Venmo! 

7) Bring sunglasses and lather on the SPF: Odds are you're going to be standing in the sun, so bring some sunnies and take care of your skin!

8) Eat big meals before, and pack a granola bar: Music festivals are known for expensive food, so make sure you stock up on some proteins/carbs before you get there. While you're in the festival, try and split meals with your friends!

9) Ask your LYFT or Uber driver for tips on how to get home: Odds are you're going to encounter a mass exodus when you leave the last concert of the night. Ask your Lyft or Uber driver for pick up tips on your way there. On our way to the festival on Saturday, our Lyft driver gave us a tip that saved us later that evening. 

10) Pregame: Alcohol is EXPENSIVE. We pregamed before we entered the park, and this helped us spend less on alcohol once we got there. 

Most importantly, have fun! Stick with your crew. Accept that you're going to be using a port-a-potty, and rock out! Concerts are truly an electric experience and a place where unforgettable memories are made!

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