Hello! I am so excited to announce the launch of my new adventure, The Z List. I have worked long and hard on setting up this website, and I am finally ready to unveil it to my friends and the inter webs!

I have always loved lists. Shopping lists, lists of dog names, trend lists...I just love lists. The name reflects my love for lists, and my love for the letter Z. My last name starts with a Z, and I have always thought that was cool. 

This blog will be filled with my own personal style, as well as beauty products and trends I'm loving. In the true spirit of lifestyle, I will also be featuring recipes, restaurants, and coffee shops I dig. You can guarantee I'll be talking travel, because wanderlust is a happy sickness I enjoy :) Finally, I pray that I can give you love and light through my various struggles. I believe in being real 100% of the time, and though vulnerability can be painful, it is a huge part of humanity. 

I am so excited to have this adventure and to share it with you. Welcome to the Z List!