Impeccable Pig Dress + Weekend Plans

Today's look is one of my new favorites. I cannot get enough of this dress! It is so comfortable, warm, and a great addition to your winter wardrobe.

Sometimes, when you dress more "professionally," it is easy to slip into monotony. I think that this dress does a great job of mixing things up!

People always ask me to comment on my style. Am I boho because I grew up near S.F., or do I fall into a more preppy/classic look? The short answer: I don't know what my style is!  I like to say I am "board room, London, or bar"  because my clothes are often  professional, edgy, flirty, or fun!

I got this dress from the Impeccable Pig. This summer my mom and I did a girls trip to Charleston and my friend Allison (who is a S.C. native) suggested that I stop by The Impeccable Pig. Well I did, and I am now an I.P.-holic.

The dress is uber comfortable, and makes you feel confident and sexy. I have always been self conscious of my body because I was a super early bloomer (like I wore an A cup bra in 4th grade) and I am more curvy. This dress makes me feel great, and I love that. 


The boots are from my momma's closet. Word to the wise: do not pack at 2 A.M., you will forget things :) 

My tights are from J. Crew--I am a huge fan of their tights!

Finally, when it comes to more boring colors (aka white, beige, black, navy, etc) I like to add a pop of color. The earrings definitely add some spark to my outfit!

Anyway, I am off to Kansas City in the morning for the College Cup! Heartbroken that I won''t get to watch my boys win a National Championship, but I am excited to watch some good soccer. I am going with my brothers, so it will be a really great bonding trip. Our motto: Anybody but Stanford! I won't rant, cause than we will really be here for days.

I can't wait to share photos and outfits from my trip!

Comment on what your weekend plans are!