The Wish List Edition


If you're like me, you are indecisive when it comes to your wish lists. As I have gotten older, I really don't care what I get for Christmas.

Christmas is special to me because I celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Celebrating His birth with my family, and feeling the peace and love that comes through the love of Christ is my ultimate gift.

While I consider myself a pretty decent gift giver, I always do my shopping last minute. With 8 days away, I have gotten about a third of my shopping done.

Below are some ideas for potential gifts. Personally, I prefer sentimental gifts over expensive ones. A really special date for your loved one, or a good home cooked meal is a good gift. 


1) A gift card for a massage or facial is a good idea! 2) Picture book of all your adventures 3) Gigi New York cross body, which you can get personalized 4) Adele tickets--a memorable date for sure!


1) Calvin Klein Skinny ties are a smooth and stylish option for your man 2) This speaker looks pretty cool 3) If your man is sporty, get him a jersey from his favorite team! 4) Books are always a good option, the one I featured can be found here

1) A moleskin is great for anyone who loves to write. 2) A camera is an awesome gift for those who love to snap away their adventures. 3) This decanter set looks awesome! 4) Mark and Graham does awesome personalized gifts, including cuff links. 

I spoil Fitz. I mean right now he is my only baby (and will be for a long time) so why not? I get all of his personalized stuff from Mark and Graham. The treats can be found at PetSmart or any pet shop.

The holidays aren't about gift giving, but about love and peace. No money you spend will measure up to the love you give.

Hope this helps!