Back in the Bay

I am back in the sunny...wait no it's actually somewhat cold. But, California is always perfect no matter if it is 50 degrees of 85 so I'm just happy to be back.

Our last two days in KC were a little hectic, because we had to move out of our Airbnb. The place were first stayed in smelled like an ash tray and it became really bad. Thus, we moved out and the rest of our trip was quite uneventful. 

Yesterday was recovery, but today I met up with my good friend from high school. We went to a pretty good pizza spot, if you're in Campbell I would check it out. It's called Blue Line Pizza. 

I had an amazing cocktail-gin, cucumber and mint always make a good combination!

Today's look was all about two things: warmth and comfort. 

I picked up this shirt/sweatshirt yesterday and I love it. I have bought from this brand before (PPLA) and I love their stuff. 

My leather leggings are from ASOS, and I freaking love them. The MOST comfortable leggings I own, and super trendy.

As always, the leopard print booties were a must. 

Grey and black can become a bland look, but adding patterns and fun lipstick is a good way to mix things up! 

The final addition was this simple black coat. I picked it up from H&M a few seasons ago and it has been so trusty and reliable. Not the warmest, but a good fashion staple. 

Tomorrow I will be posting a holiday gift guide, for all you last minute shoppers (aka me).