Day two is (almost) in the books

We have had such a delightful time in this city!

Honestly, we came for the soccer but we're leaving with so much more! Last night we went to the Akron-Stanford game. If I could guess, I would say there was about 200 people there. Pretty sad seeing as Sporting KC's stadium is massive.

The game itself was also pretty boring. It ended in penalty kicks--so really let's just call it a glorified draw. 

Today we spent another day exploring. My brothers went to play basketball at the HoF again, and I found the cutest coffee shop! While I was there I met a family whose son is in the College Cup. If you're reading this Paul, best of luck to you! 

The dress I am wearing is one of my new favorite finds. I have been looking for the perfect time to blog it, and today is the lucky day. I threw on a poncho (its a little chilly over here), some booties and hoop earrings.

Eventually I met up with my brothers and we went to grab some drinks.

What a wonderful day. Until next time my loves!