Tuesday's Top 10


Happy Tuesday!

In one week I will be sitting with my TWO pups and my momma! I cannot wait. I love the holidays, and am so grateful I am able to spend them with the ones I love most.

1) I have been using Aragan/ Moroccan oil to combat the static in my hair! It is a lifesaver. You can find the products here. 

2) Turtleneck dresses. So. Much. Yes. As the weather gets colder, this turtleneck sweater dress looks like a great option. 

3). Hot pink adds a pop to any outfit. Try these earrings or incorporate a scarf! (See my photo)

4) The Biebs and One Direction. Two great albums. Yes. 

5) I found these two blogs this week and I am obsessed. Check out FallonEliza and ChampagneLifestyle! Both these blogs are fun, cute, positive, and all around awesome!

6) Holy. Pink. This J Crew Coat is DIVINE! It is a tad out of my price range, so I found a cheaper solution down below! 

7) Absolutely loving this Ted talk. Gratitude=happiness. 

8) Looking forward to reading this on my journey home! 

9) Over the knee boots. Just yes! 

10) The app AfterLight. I love the filters, and the edits you can make with your photos!



Click to pictures to see more information!

Check back on Thursday for a "how to" pack for a trip!