How to Throw a Party: Delight Edition

I am a huge extrovert! As a result of my extroversion, I absolutely love to throw parties. Any excuse to celebrate and party is welcome by me :)

I recently hosted a tea/thankful party for my Bible study. It was such a fun time, and I loved being able to open up my home to others! 

I think people worry too much about being the perfect hostess. Here's a small tip: you won't be the perfect hostess.

Something will go wrong. You'll burn the pastries. The batteries will die in the speakers. Parking will be a nightmare.

Things go wrong ALL the time. No one is perfect, no event goes absolutely seamless. Mistakes and mishaps are a part of life, it is what you do with the mistake that matters!

For this party, I focused on the color scheme and the theme I wanted. Our ministry is called Delight, and I wanted to focus on this idea that God delights in each and every one of us. We are His treasures. 

I have listed my tips below!

Food makes everyone happy. Pick a good, guest friendly menu! For this party, we had: goat cheese +crackers, mini cheesecakes (my precious little sister Peyton made them), fruit, cartelized onion+feta tarts, scones, and more! 

The drinks were as follows: sparkling lemonade, water, hot cocoa and various teas.

My favorite part of the party was the thankful bag I made. I had each lady write down what she was thankful for. An attitude of gratitude can reshape your whole life!

These are courtesy of Peyton, the recipe can be found  here

These are courtesy of Peyton, the recipe can be found here

Thanks for reading!