Bright Pink + the rain

Who says you can't wear brights during the fall/winter?! 

Yesterday it poured all day but it was 70 degrees outside! So what do you wear in that type of weather?

I wore one of my favorite bright pink skirts! It is the perfect outfit choice on a day like yesterday. I paired it with a sweatshirt/shirt from Madewell. 

A similar skirt can be found here. As for the sweatshirt, I got it two seasons ago! I found a similar one here. Bonus, the similar product I found is on SALE! I am wearing my faithful Hunter boots, but you do you and wear whatever shoes you want!

Also, thank you for all the comments on my last post. My daddy was so special and every day I will live my life as a remembrance of his. You are all why I do what I do, so thank you! I am blessed to have you in my life, personally or virtually. 

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