Weekend Recap


I had such a great weekend! Besides getting a cold, which I am praying will not morph into a sinus infection, I had a restful and relaxing past few days.

On Saturday morning I did a photoshoot for The Z List. I am super excited to see how it turns out!

The photographer was awesome, and super sweet. She is SO talented and is definitely great at making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Thanks, Natalie! You can see more of her work here!

After my photoshoot, I came back home and rested. I took Fitz out for a fall walk with one of my housemates, and then I spent the afternoon reading on the couch. My really good friend Nicki came last night, all the way from L.A. She is spending the weekend in Raleigh because of a potential job, so she wanted to see me and Wake. I took her to our men's soccer game, and I'm so glad I did because we won! It was a huge game (we played Carolina and they were ranked #2) and definitely boosted our national rankings (I mean we were #4 which is pretty good...but a win never hurts!) I am so proud of our men's team. They work so hard and represent Wake so well! I smell a natty....


This morning I took Nicki to my favorite coffee spot in Winston. Camino is a local favorite. They make great beverages and are known for their bread/pastry items. If you're in Winston Salem, I definitely recommend it!

One of the reasons why I love fall so much is because of the cute clothes. The sweater dress I'm wearing is a new buy from ASOS. I love the brand Vila, they make some great dresses. You can find a similar sweater dress here.

I am also so happy it is boot season! I am wearing these Frye's.  (I got them at the Nordstrom anniversary sale as a gift, or else I would never spend that much!) 


I love to cook so I made tortilla soup for dinner. My housemates said it was great (I wouldn't really know because I don't have all my taste buds back from my cold) and I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

I'm gearing up for a busy week at school because of my involvement with a new student organization. Check out www.trailblaze-wfu.com for more info! It is a cause I am very passionate about!

That wraps up my weekend! 

Lots of love,