Day two is (almost) in the books

We have had such a delightful time in this city!

Honestly, we came for the soccer but we're leaving with so much more! Last night we went to the Akron-Stanford game. If I could guess, I would say there was about 200 people there. Pretty sad seeing as Sporting KC's stadium is massive.

The game itself was also pretty boring. It ended in penalty kicks--so really let's just call it a glorified draw. 

Today we spent another day exploring. My brothers went to play basketball at the HoF again, and I found the cutest coffee shop! While I was there I met a family whose son is in the College Cup. If you're reading this Paul, best of luck to you! 

The dress I am wearing is one of my new favorite finds. I have been looking for the perfect time to blog it, and today is the lucky day. I threw on a poncho (its a little chilly over here), some booties and hoop earrings.

Eventually I met up with my brothers and we went to grab some drinks.

What a wonderful day. Until next time my loves! 


Falling in Love with Kansas City

Today was my first full day spent in Kansas City and I already LOVE it.

The people are so friendly, the city is easy to walk and the vibe is great. I really enjoy soccer, and Sporting KC is very loved here. It is really awesome to see a city be so passionate about the sport I love!   

My brothers and I have always bonded over sports. I guess growing up in a house of boys, you don't really have a choice. Sports were always on the TV, and I was the little sibling who played under the basketball bleachers.

Today we decided to check out the College Basketball Hall of Fame. It was such an awesome experience--I highly suggest it if you love basketball! 

My family is the definition of tour and chill travelers. We usually rent places on VRBO or Airbnb so we can relax. This afternoon we napped, and then we went out to adventure!

I just got this coat from J. Crew Factory. It was on major sale, and I had been looking for a good winter coat. Of course it has fur trim. It is super comfy and really warm--definitely a new favorite for the winter!

I am also obsessed with these leopard print Chelsea booties. I also got them at J. Crew! They are super comfortable.

We're about to head to a soccer game! It is so weird not cheering on my Deacs, but I am wearing a Wake Forest sweatshirt to all the games! 

Feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions on KC. 

Lots of love,

What the Heck do I Pack and What do I wear: Going on a Plane Edition

I will be up bright and early tomorrow... like we're talking 4:15 in the morning early (aka I have three alarms set, ok maybe four!)


I consider myself to be a moderately organized human being. When I say moderately, I mean that my room isn't always spotless and I don't label each and every little thing, but I do like a semblance of order in most things :)

Packing is an art form I have learned over the years. I have been privileged and blessed with the ability to travel. I hope that some day I will be able to give back to others so that they too can see and experience the beauty of this country + land! 

Also, I go to school 3,300 miles away from my home. Driving really isn't an option for breaks like Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I make around 6-8 flights a year just to school and back! 

In today's post, I am writing about airport style and what to pack in your carry on! When I say carry on, I mean purse/backpack. This time I am checking a bag (transitioning out a lot of clothes) so I'm packing more than usual. 

Top essentials: Food, music, medicine, and face wipes! The airport will way overcharge you for food and medicine, best bring your own :) Also, hydrating your skin is so important after a flight! I buy cheap wipes from Target.

Music is a life essential for me. Tomorrow's tunes will consist of Alessia Cara and One Direction. I also have a sermon uploaded via podcast. 

Since Fitz is an ESA, he can travel in the cabin with me! I will do a post later on about what it is like to travel with a dog. 

All my love,